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I'm from somewhere else!

I'm not entirely sure why I joined this Wiki!

I identify as a centrist, which means I think that I'm better than everyone. Including you!

What do I mean by Centrist?[edit]

I hold "political" views that are held by both the right and left. In my opinion, categorizing viewpoints as a "leftie" or "right-wing" trait often leads to forcing people into decisions based on what party they identify with, and not on their own personal viewpoints. I'm a firm believer that George Washington was right on political parties, and that, although they could definitely help fund people who have good ideas but couldn't otherwise afford to run for election, the idea has become corrupted. I am a bit glad that there's two of them (at least in the U.S.), but I wish that they wouldn't argue about inane bullshit and actually work together to improve the United States more frequently.

Thanks for listening :)

Additional Info


* Gun Nut - Guns are pretty cool to me. I know quite a bit about them. I'm anti-gun control, but I do agree there should be limits. We shouldn't let recently convicted felons purchase a firearm, and no person needs to own a SAM missile. (Although, it would be pretty cool to have one.)

* Gamer - Yeah, I like the video gaming.