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Dasha, better known under the pseudonym of Spy Kitten (born 1992?[1]) is a Russian-born American Illuminati-created female clone of The Vigilant Christian Christian Youtuber conspiracy theorist. Like The Vigilant Christian, she hyper-analyse almost anything. As of May 2018, Spy Kitten TV's channel had 199 079 subscribers[2] and 39 452 294 views.[3]


Spy Kitten was born in Russia and emigrated in California in 2001, when she was 9 years old. She said that she "always knew Christ", but "strayed from the path" before waking up "to all the lies, propagandas, and evils of this world.".[4]

Blablablabla EXPOSED![edit]

  1. While she did not state her birthday, she came in the United States in 2001, when she was 9 years old.