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Hallo und willkommen im Land der Bekloppten und Bescheuerten.

Hi everyone. Since this is my first account on a Wiki, I have no real idea what to write here, so just some quick facts. As you might allready have guessed, I´m from Germany. I`m 24 years old and a (nearly finished) student of history, especially european military history of modern and early modern times, with an exeption of WWs 1 and 2.

While I´m legaly still a roman catholic and even went to a catholic school, I lost my belief in god (if I ever had any) long ago. But, due to my upbringing and school, I still retain some knowledge about the bible and the catholic church.

I stumbled upon Conservapedia a while ago, and while it was really funny to read in the beginning, it became disgusting and terrifying when in saw that Schlafly gets to indoctrinate young children with his bullshit.

I`ve been reading RW, and especially the WIGO for some time now, and finaly dicided to sign up to edit some points I noticed while reading through your articles.