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A link to my previous userpage: User:GodlessLiberal/Userpage

Hello, everyone! (or should it be goodbye?) I have been incredibly inactive here, and have now started not keeping up with the forums as much as I used to. Hate to say it, but my time is limited, and RationalWiki unfortunately isn't priority number one.

Best wishes to all of you, good luck with this awesome project, and keep fighting the good fight. See you folks around.

Karajou (or any other CP sysop for that matter), if you see this, one of the following is my Conservapedia sock: SSchultz, Bohdan, CollegeRepublican, Jose83, BertSchlossberg, Iduan, HelpJazz, Jinkas, or Lukecorlando. Remember, one of them is me. Or maybe more. Cheers!