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A little about me[edit]

I'm currently a college sophomore majoring in microbiology, although I have no idea if that is actually a field I wish to pursue further. I originally intended to continue into the field of medicine, but after much personal conflict, I decided that that would be too much for me. At the same time, I became increasingly interested in things such as genetics, bioengineering, etc. This is fortunate, because I really can't think of anything else that I could do besides sit in a lab all day with my face in a microscope. :)

I am a humanist. What concerns me is the rights of humanity and our obligations towards one another. [work in progress]

The Conservapedos And Me[edit]

Following a hilarious Daily Show segment making a mockery of Conservapedia, I decided to take a closer look at this curious site and discover for myself if it was as absurd as I was led to believe. It was. However, I registered and began lurking the discussion pages to learn more about its userbase and their mysterious worldviews. The philosopher in my heart refused to leave this unexplored.

Within hours of registering and after making two contributions, I was blocked. My first edit was a brief but detailed summary of my humanistic views on a discussion topic regarding whether morality could or would exist without the existence of God. My second edit was on the talk page for gun control, asking if it was proper for the very first paragraph of the article to accuse gun control of being liberal deceit. Following this, I was blocked for being "full of deceit."

I currently maintain no other accounts on CP, nor have I ever had any other accounts.

My Favorite Sandwiches[edit]

Ham sandwiches, chicken tender subs, chicken parmesan, and Jill sandwiches.