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The Objectivist?[edit]

Objectivist Virtues[edit]

  • Rationality - this is the cardinal virtue, which leads to all other virtues. Rationality means using reason (and sensory, rational, definable, identifiable means of knowledge, but not “instinct,” “intuition,” “revelation,” or any form of “just knowing.”, ) to identify reality.
  • Honesty - is the refusal to fake reality.
  • Integrity - is consistency in the application of reason.
  • Productivity - means working to create one's values.
  • Independence - means being first-handed, or refusing to leave one's thinking to others.
  • Pride - is the pursuit of moral perfection. Pride is related to self-esteem - the belief that one is capable of gaining and keeping one's values--and that one deserves them.
  • Justice - is the principle of applying reason to the actions of other men, or giving other people what they deserve.

Posted by Guidedog (talk) 22:51, 22 September 2012 (UTC)

Yes I consider myself an objectivist.

Some things Objectivists say.

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Another mod using his E-penis. (Block log); 15:55 . . Mikal (Talk | contribs) blocked Guidedog (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of 31 seconds (account creation disabled) ‎(if only we were a biography)

  • Was still blocked for the 1/2 hour. Creating derogatory words for people you hate is a sign of oppression.