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Christian World View Encyclopedia Project Plan[edit]

This is a project plan for a christian world view encyclopedia, with multiple article spaces.

Christian World View Encyclopedia

Purpose: To present a family friendly encyclopedia with articles presented with a Christian World View.

Potential Problems (and solutions)[edit]

Doctrinal disputes[edit]

To pre-empt doctrinal disputes, multiple articles spaces will be created. Users will be able to select their preferred article space. When an article does not appear in the selected article space, the article in the default article space will appear. In all cases, references to other denominations must be done with great care, and only in denominational article spaces. Constributors will be asked to not place contributions that are likely to be viewed as Doctrinaly offsensive to the main space (e.g., "Catholics are not real Christians.")

Multiple article spaces[edit]

  • Main: The default main space will be editable by all.

Denominations and sects, e.g.:

  • ELCA: The ELCA will be editable by self-declared members of ELCA
  • LMCS: The LMCS will be editable by self-declared members of LMCS
  • SBC: The SBC will be editable by self-declared members of SBC
Article Space Elders[edit]

Each article space will have a group of 12 elders who must prove (maybe affirm) that they are members of the denomination listed in real life (IRL). This group may expel an elder on the vote of 9/11. New members are selected from a pool of self-nominated candidates by drawing lots.

Main space elders[edit]

The elders from the main space will be selected in proportion to (contributors|elders|church membership|TBD) by lot. The main space will also have TBD elders selected from self nominated contributors who are not a member of any organized Christian church, or are members of non-affiliated churches that do not have or desire their own article space.


The Bible is clearly against homosexuality. While, contrary to secular fundementalists, according to Leviticus, homosexuality[1] is not on par with eating shellfish[2], it is on par with sleeping with your wife during her monthly cycle [3].

However, how best to treat the topic of homosexuality viz-a-viz the Bible without attracting vandals. Also, some more liberal denominations may be offended by more conservative denominations; how to handle this (e.g., mandate all references to homosexuality be in denominational article spaces?)

Responsibilities of elders[edit]

  • Elders can ban or block contributors from contributing to the denominational article space on a vote of 10/12.
  • Edlers can force that a particular article be linked to the parallel article in the denominational space. However, they cannot dictate how that article is written. (Note, articles in a denominational space can only be written by contributors who affirm membership or affiliation with that denomination IRL).
  • Denominational elders can review denominational community blocks or bans of users from participating in the denominational space, but not the main space.

Article spaces[edit]

Any denomination may choose to redirect to another denomination's article, the main space article, or cut, paste, and edit any other denomination's article.

Any contributor who affirms membership in a denomination can copy an article from any denominational or main space to the contributor's denominational space, and edit it mercilessly. Contributors associated with the denomination can add a {{denom-art-dispute}} tag to the article. The denomininational space will then have 7 days to discuss the proposed denominational change in the article's denominational talk page. Only contributors who affirm membership in the denomination may discuss the dispute. If after seven days the dispute is not resolved, a (request for review by the elders|TBD) may be made. The {{denom-art-dispute}} tag can only be re-used after (elapsed time|significant edits|TBD) to prevent dispute tag wars.

If the result of the discussion is to use the mainspace or another denomination space's article, the article's denominational space talk page shall continue to exist. Also, any contributor who affirms membership in a denomination can create a talk page for the article in his or her denominational space, without copying and changing the article in the denominational space, e.g., to propose discussions regarding possible reasons for making a denominational version of the article.


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