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Schlafly memes

Andy is quite creative, and lands on his little memes which he then runs with for varying amounts of time. I'm trying to come up with a list of them and the period over which he used them.

  • School prayer, censorship of
  • Christianity, denial of influence
  • Bible, most logical book
  • Liberal deceit
  • Denial of logic
  • Open your mind
  • (You're clueless)
  • Relativity, using complicated math to prevent Bible reading
  • Public schools (intentionally) creating 30 million illiterates who vote for liberals
  • X pageviews, people want what we have to offer
  • Conservative terms
  • Concise
  • Wikipedia: six times more liberal; gossip; suppression of Christianity; mobocracy; anonymity;
  • 2+2=4 (for non-relativistic values of 2)
  • Read the Bible for (at least) 5% of your free time (to ward off liberalpox)
  • The National Enquirer of the Internet
  • best of the public
  • leading people from reading the Bible
  • Geometric growth
  • Give the Bible 5% of your time - evolved from 5% of your spare time over Dec 2009 [1]
  • Reading the Bible is like eating vegetables - or physical exercise. Yum, brussels sprouts taste better while jogging!
  • If you were genuinely interested in logic, then you'd spend some time reading or translating the Bible, the most logical book of all.
  • Most of history's greatest achievements were made by teenagers.
  • The largest (history/economics/prayer) class for teenagers ever!