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- George Bernard Shaw

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About Me[edit]

I'm new to the site, so expect a lot of general NORP from me.

I'm in high school.

I enjoy vidya, *chan/anon culture, fanfiction (but not the written kind, just in my head), Ben Shapiro (even if he can be pigheaded at times), being outdoors, and all things Marvel.

I am a religious Roman Catholic, Bishop.gif and I think that religion and science are by necessity compatible. Religion says why it happened, and science says how. That doesn't mean I don't take my humor dark.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is the greatest comedy site on the web. If you disagree, I encourage you to visit their "Offended"[note 1] page and slowly scroll down. Yes, you too can get off to aborted fetuses, suicide bomber corpses, and *gasp* Dubya's simian features! Ain't that somethin'?!

Am also a recovered Anglophobe.

Political Views[edit]


I am politically right-wing with strong centrist leanings. I don't really go with identifying as Republican, though.

Life and death[edit]

  • Abortion: Am staunchly pro-life.
  • Euthanasia: See above.
  • Death Penalty: Needs to be abolished immediately.
  • War: There are conditions in which waging war is acceptable, but war, while not intrinsically evil, is an evil nonetheless. I still think that war history is cool, though!


  • Capitalist, but only because historically it's been the most tenable option (and by no means a perfect one)
  • Opposed to socialism.


  • Free speech is a fundamental right.
  • I proudly uphold the right to bear arms, but I think that background checks need to be run with the purchase of heavy weaponry.


  • Global warming isn't real... climate change is. Learn the difference.
  • We're not going to be able to reverse climate change's effects, but that doesn't mean we can't do our part to take care of the environment.
  • Fracking reduces carbon emissions.
  • Renewable energy is a no-go. You can't get something from nothing.
  • We need to turn to an efficient, environmentally friendly, but reliable fuel source. Wind turbines and solarvoltaic energy are efficient but unreliable (as seen in Texas in 2021).

Foreign Policy[edit]

  • The two-state solution would help with the ethnic conflict in Israel. We could give East Jerusalem to the Israelis, but they'd have to stop the human rights abuses. (They did a good job with the vaccines, though!)

Social Justice[edit]

  • Race: It's a nebulous concept and should not define how we feel about a group. While I personally gravitate towards colorblindness,[note 2] I don't really see a problem with people having a strong racial identity. Remember, without a commonly shared set of values (i.e. America being a force for good), diversity can be a weakness, but under a set of values, it becomes a strength.
  • Women: I prefer egalitarianism over feminism, but first and second-wave feminism are good.
  • Homosexuality: Tricky. As a Catholic, I obviously believe that the act of homosexuality is a grave sin. However, just because someone is born with or adopts a preference for the same sex doesn't make them bad people. Also, reparative therapy almost always does more harm than good.
  • Transgenderism: I don't believe in it, but those with dysphoria are human beings who deserve our love and compassion. However, if asked, I'll still stick to my guns on the issue.


I realize that many of the lovely editors on this site want to castigate each and every Gator as an irredeemable basement-dwelling misogynist bigot and cast Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian as clean as the driven snow, but here's my take on it.

  • GamerGate was not about ethics in gaming[note 3] (surprise, surprise), but nonetheless was a giant FUCK YOU to the corrupt game journalistic establishment.
  • It grieves me to say it, but GamerGate consisted of mostly white dudes, with the exception of Ian Miles Cheong and Candace Owens, and even then, those two had spat out Zoe Quinn's Kool-Aid. Also, who the fuck even decided to create Vivian James? [note 4]
  • I wouldn't put it past her, but there's no concrete evidence for Zoe Quinn sleeping with five guys. Eron Gjoni was likely butthurt after they broke up.
  • Gamers aren't dead, so fuck you, Leigh Alexander.
  • Yes, Sarah Butts is a pedophile.
  • Ultimately, Gamergate was the realization of the culture war between gamers and journalists, with the devs caught in the crossfire. The gaming journalistic establishment, aligned to radical SocJus policies like the majority of the media, are the villains, gaslighting and berating gamers for not thinking as they do. I also can't help but marvel on what an impact it had across the internet, with sites taking sides; 8chan [note 5] and ED going relatively pro-GG, and sites like Vox, Wikipedia, and RW going anti-GG.


I actually have less of an issue with Comicsgate. I object to the pinkwashing and identity politics, but Miles Morales, Ironheart, Miss Marvel (Kamala Khan), Viv Vision, Miss America, Totally Awesome Hulk and the like, even if they started out as tokens, actually became something good and beautiful.


I used to lurk here for over a year, until I made an account. I used to like RationalWiki, then I hated it, then I decided the best thing to do was make an account so I could have a more nuanced view. I think that RW's articles on stuff like woo, logical fallacies, Christian fundies, religion[note 6], and other stuff like that are pure gold, if very slightly biased. When it comes to politics, a lot of RW's articles are unfunny, petulant, one-sided, hypocritical, and filled with logical fallacies, ad hominem being the most prevalent. RW has its merits and its downsides, and while I don't think much of the site, I want to positively contribute anyway. For the lulz, if you will. (Rest assured, I won't be trolling Yeahhhhh... I actually got b& for a few days after fucking around on the Furry Fandom talk page for no reason (the fucking around, not the ban))



Page Edits[edit]

  • Nothing worthy of note. Did some grammar cleanup on the Donald Trump article, and other stuff like that, but otherwise, that's it.


  1. I'm not going to link the page as it's damn fucking disgusting, but if you actually want to see it, be my guest.
  2. I also happen to be slightly red/green colorblind IRL.
  3. If it was, then they would have gone after companies like EA and Epic Games.
  4. And no, her color scheme wasn't based off Piccolo Dick. Assholes.
  5. The only time 8chan has ever done something good.
  6. Well, many of the articles on religion, anyway.