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Hey there, I'm ikanreed, an editor and an ass. All of Immanuel Kant's weird hangups, none of his Christianity.

I like to pretend I'm capable and willing to be rational, but don't pretend I'm automatically rational because I think I'm right. I do not to buy into religion, woo, or conspiracy theories, even if the the bike lobby is an all powerful enterprise[1].

I'll do my best to get any issues you have resolved. My draft space is where articles go to die.

As to my edits[edit]

I mostly stick to talk pages, occasional reference beefing, and small changes.


If I'm particularly acrimonious and unfair to you[edit]

this is probably why. Not an excuse, but a good explanation.

Fuck it, genuine shitheads abound. Probably entirely due. ikanreed 🐐Bleat at me 18:32, 12 October 2017 (UTC)

Reading the actual papers isn't that hard[edit]

Hey everyone, news headlines frequently give inaccurate or insufficiently restrained summaries of scientific studies. Please, violate copyright law, head over to sci-hub, paste in the DOI of the original article, and read the methodology section. Every time someone reads the methodology section, an angel gets its wings.


  1. ↑ The Wall Street Journal(no really)