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Humility is exhibited by all wise men, yet only religion can get women to be humble at all. Logic and reason are likewise masculine; and women tend to exhibit them in restricted areas or not at all, partly because our feminised society does not teach them anything else. And the highest of our mental faculties, introspection, seems to be exclusively male - not that many men find it easy, either.

Why do I focus on mental attributes? Well, of course, because all that distinguishes us from animals is ultimately mental - and if we are no more than animals then we are nothing, we would have no right to live.

In the matter of general intelligence it appears that women are but slightly inferior on average; but when one looks at any particular the outstanding examples are practically always men. There has been no worthwhile philosophy from the pen of a woman, ever. And most examples of female achievement are inflated, as well, by the leftist establishment. The apparent success of many women today is no evidence, either, since almost all are in fields that can not be perfectly quantified, and the natural tendency of almost all people (I am an exception, but only because I have thought about it sufficiently) is to over-estimate the value of a woman relative to that of an equivalent man, and that is massively reinforced by the feminist ideas that permeate everything in our society.

The 'essay' as written by 'Fall Down' on Women

RationalWiki Response

Women are an inferior form of man.

Well, it's a fairly bold opening thesis, you can give him that. It would be nice if it the essay support this conclusion, but we'll come to that. Also, the fact that he refers to women in general as a 'form' is a fairly impressive generalisation - it implies that there are statements (barring, presumably, banal ones such as 'women have [breast]s', or others like that) that are true of all women - that one can make a claim about women's personality or nature that is universally true.

That is undeniably true from an intellectual stand-point;


and from a moral one as well.

Interesting. Here, we can see that things are true 'from a moral ... standpoint', apparently. Presumably this is some sort of statement along the lines of 'we hold these truths to be self-evident'. Also, a moral truth should be universally accessible, since if it's a truth, it's always true everywhere (go away Wittgenstein); and I certainly can't see it from where I'm standing. Feminist bias, probably. Also, there are plenty of good arguments 'from a moral ... standpoint' that women and men are equal - how is Fall Down going to deal with these, then?

If there were a God, He would have to be quite cruel to have created women as they are.

Wut. As far as I can tell, this is a sideswipe against religious folk. It doesn't support his argument, and is dependent on his thesis being true. Have you been convinced by his stunning argumentational skills yet?

Honor and loyalty and courage [and chivalry? Ed.] - virtues that men invented, and women understand incompletely at best.

Well, firstly I'd like to point out that all of those are potentially questionable virtues - 'honor' can prevent radical action which might help people, you can have 'loyalty' to an evil genocidal totalitarian regime, and it takes some 'courage' to gun down defenceless women and children. Anyway. There's absolutely no backing given for any of this, the notion that people can 'invent' values goes against the idea of moral truth that he was discussing earlier, the notion that men invented these virtues will need some pretty serious evidence (also, just having invented something doesn't mean you're the best at it - the UK invented the modern computer, for example, but it was the USA who ran with it), and the notion that 'women understand [these ideas] incompletely at best' is both an insult to women, and also is fairly easily smashed by examples such as Aung San Suu Kyi. I'd say she's got a pretty good understanding of honour, loyalty, and courage.

Humility is exhibited by all wise men, yet only religion can get women to be humble at all.