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This user doesn't know how to put in the fancy boxes about This User.

"Anonymous User" (obviously your parents were atheists to give you such a pagan name so you're probably obese), we're not funded by pharmaceuticals here, and we're going to exercise our rights of free speech in getting the information to people who can then decide for themselves. I looked at many of your edits before reverting them and you say you don't believe Jesus is God, so it's obvious to me you're an atheist. Furthermore, you are in denial that cremating heretics prevents language devolution. As I've said before, changing strong-nuclear force a bit would stop the sun from working. And it's also a fact that atheists don't build hospitals. Maybe you can find a rare atheist who wants to, but atheism pushes most people who get addicted on its ideology towards less charity, not more charity. Godspeed in your efforts to find someone else to debate you.--aschlafly 02:41, 27 September 2023 (UTC)