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This user doesn't know how to put in the fancy boxes about This User.

"Anonymous User" (sounds like another self-centered liberal, like Obama), there's no logic to your comment, and you're essentially saying that you don't care what the truth is. I looked at many of your edits before reverting them and you say you don't believe Jesus is God, so admit it, you're not here to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. Denying this calls into question all of your credibility on the fact that chivalry was and is an ideal for all to strive for. It is very effective in reducing and eliminating friction, insults, hard-feelings, and accidents, not to mention that it stops gun control. Whatever the mainstream media might say, atheism is a denial of faith and hope, the two keys to underdog success. I'm beginning to think that a liberal refuses to admit that a racist organization may sometimes be right about something unrelated to racism. We're going to block your account unless you can explain why you are not a parody.--aschlafly 18:59, 16 January 2021 (UTC)