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Author of The Owner of All Infernal Names: An Introductory Treatise on the Existence, Nature & Government of our Omnimalevolent Creator, and blogger, The Superstitious Naked Ape.

"If we find a bomb carefully concealed in a kindergarten, primed and set to detonate when it would wreak the greatest possible carnage, we would assume, in all reasonableness, that someone vicious and vile—someone exquisitely evil—had designed the device and had purposefully put it there, positioned as such to maximise suffering and misery and mayhem. No prudent observer mindful of the legitimate passage of common cause and effect could consider the device’s shaped casing, circuits, electrical leads, assorted wires, power source, detonation pin, volatile chemicals, and inner chamber crowded with a small but appalling menagerie of metallic debris, including ball bearings and nails, had all come together in the exacting order in which they must to perform the task by purblind chance.


The device was designed. Its many parts were envisaged by an agent and the necessary materials were brought together and persuaded to bend and to marry in contrived ways. And the device’s position inside the school, as opposed to one perhaps on some barren field where even grass is reluctant to grow, considered and deemed optimal—to the maker of the device—above all other possible choices. These are natural conclusions. They are, in modest respect, unavoidable.

In surveying Creation, how much more reasonable then must it be to attribute the world as we know it, the world that is, to a vicious and vile, calculating and malevolent designer? Is this not, after all, the most credible, excuse-free explanation for the degenerate nature of things before us?"