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I'm Jon91919.

Favourite movies: Whole bunch of Quentin Tarantino stuff, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Harry Potter movies (or at least the ones from Prisoner of Azkaban onwards), Flash Gordon, Highlander, Airplane, way too many others I can think of.

Favourite music: Queen, Nightwish, some modern day rock groups, some pop acts like Bruno Mars's recent work

Favourite video games: South Park: The Stick of Truth, Knights of the Old Republic games (even in spite of how broken The Sith Lords was), LEGO Marvel Superheroes, the Portal games, Outlast, Slender, The Stanley Parable

Favourite wrestling: Daniel Bryan, NXT as a whole, Attitude era stuff, plus a hopeful viewing of stuff on WWE's current main roster to hope things get better. Also an occasional interest in NJPW as well.

"Games cause sexism" is commonly something that GamerGaters and other so-called "critics" use as a way to over-simplify and misrepresent Anita Sarkeesian's argument. Of course, it's not actually that simple.

Anita Sarkeesian's argument, from Women as Background Decoration Part 1, with explanatory comments[edit]

The primary issue I have with Anita's so-called "critics"[edit]