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In the beginning, the universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry, and has been widely regarded as a bad idea. -- Douglas Adams

...and on the seventh day Jack Bauer said, "I'll take it from here."


I have a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and 5 years experience of work supporting our Armed Forces. I'm probably only going to be active here during the day, as I have a life after work and at night, but sometimes the lure of the internets and the google are too strong.

Edited for a while on CP under the same name, started out thinking it might be worthwhile, but was soon irrationally targeted and blocked. At first I was bothered that I was banned, but soon realized that it wasn't worth the fight. I had some great stuff on my user page at CP that I'd put here, but that was customarily deleted (but they kept my edits, those bastards).

Other Fun[edit]

Wandalism on my page
Saved from CP after Auld Nick's leaving in case it got deleted