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Jumbo’s main interests here include the wacky, sick and twisted goings on at Conservapedia, as well as editing RW articles to fix typing errors and make minor updates.

Some stuff:[edit]

Favourite Andrew Schlafly CP edit: Wondering if a better translation of the word damsel as used in the Bible would be bimbo.

Hate has consequences: Man badly beats and attempts to murder a gay man after extensive reading of Conservapedia “gay bashing” and “Homosexual Agenda” articles. Ken and Andy’s hate and its consequences for all to see.

Some questions about holy water:[edit]

Some bloke in comic clothing says an incantation over tap water until it becomes magic, then splishy-splashes the water at a baby so that the magic is transferred and “saves” it. Yep, that’s perfectly reasonable and sane.

But some questions remain: How long does the magic last? If the water retains its magic powers when it goes down the plughole what percentage of the seas and oceans are now holy? Also, when the magic seawater turns to rain is my car blessed by it and can I get a reduction in insurance costs?

The Church remains silent on these important questions, but then what do you expect from an organisation that won’t even allow a legitimate discussion of the Holy Foreskin.