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Künstlerin is an academic painter and sculpter. Currently, her work explores the intersections of art and science through affective technology and the pushes and pulls between the real, the ideal, and the virtual. This exploration is leading to digitally designed, computer-carved sculptures, clothing that interprets reality, shapes virtuality, and vice versa, as well as animations which respond to and affect their viewers (or more accurately, "users").

¿What are the things that I know the most about?...[edit]

Greek, Latin, Classical Myths
Art History
Modernism, Post-Modernism
Art Theory

¿What are the things that I want to know more about?[edit]

Physical Science
Computer Languages

I might be crazy, but...[edit]

What? No "but." (just kidding (...about the just kidding part))
I'm genuinely interested in learning and evolving as complexly as I can
so are you. I've been trying to wake you up out of this coma for six years but nothing I say seems to make it through to you on the other side. =P