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I was blocked on Conservapedia for pointing out plagiarism and copyright theft. I never did any vandalism. My real name is Karen DiPuccio but most English speakers pronounce it as "dip uckeo" so I tend to use an anglicized version on the web.

The administrators there do not even know how to read a copyright license properly, just how stupid is Joaquin Martinez? I tried pointing out that user:TK's UCLA article was a direct copy of the introduction at wikipedia and got a three-day block for bullying! As a semi-professional photographer I am very concerned about unauthorized use of images, I know how strict they are at Wikipedia where fair use claims are few and far between. Also where a license for use from Wikimedia Commons is given (Creative Commons) then Conservapedia doesn't even abide by the rules of attribution. I attributed several images and still got reverted in one case.

I had hoped to help them sort out the mess they've got themselves in but having been slapped in the face by small-minded thugs like Henry and Joaquin I shall leave them to their own demise. I have already contacted several copyright holders who have had their work stolen. I attempted to contact the person who blocked me but they never replied to my email and all I got was a notification that HenryS had changed my user page. When I checked it was deleted so I have no idea what was said or done. I tried to contact him again and found that he had disabled his email. What sort of place is it that says "if you have been blocked do not create another account but contact the blocking sysop" when the said person switches off their email. What are these people afraid of? They say they are conservative and espouse property rights but they plagiarize and steal and then hide away when someone points it out. I cannot see how they are either conservative or Christian.

I would like to thank [name withheld] for inviting me here. While you have some funny stuff here I probably won't contribute much as you are way too liberal for me (and I say that in a respectful way not as an insult, we are just different OK?). By the way, what's the thing you guys have with goats? I'm more into ornithology myself.