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This user is a real, live scientist.
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This user has 4 blocks on Conservapedia.
Andy.gif This user was blocked at Conservapedia for asking this man to show some basic human decency.
Andy.gif This user was blocked at Conservapedia for daring to question this man's essay on [Liberals and mental illness].
Andy.gif This user was blocked at Conservapedia for daring to question this man's [letter to PNAS], and agreeing with [their response].

This user got flak for putting science in Conservapedia's science pages...go figure...
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This user thinks doctors are more authoritative about medical issues than lawyers.
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This user is concerned about the environment.
Warning This user does not care about your religious beliefs, so long as they are not forced on the rest of us.

Looking forward to rejoining the Conservapedia community on June 1, 2014!

Some random CP bits and pieces of interest[edit]

"...belief is everything in science."
"They believe it so much that they are willing to test their beliefs (hypothesis) (sic) to see if it is a fact." (So, willingness to test blind faith, or testing indicates blind faith? And black is white? What?)
"At no time did a scientist of any kind observe a giraffe's neck grow, either in a single animal, or passed down to offspring through successive generations, in accordance with step one of the Scientific Method."

  • The Power of Logic:
Andy on 24 July 08 (when criticizing someone else's numbers): "One need not propose an alternative, or a solution, in order to identify a flaw."
Andy on 4 Dec 08 (when having his numbers criticized): "Jumping on someone else's estimates while refusing to provide your own is a sign of bullying rather than open mind."

  • The tree of life:
My response to PJR's essay. (His original post on my CP talk page was lost in the Great Schlafly Hard Drive Crash of February 2009. The WIGO talk discussion is in Archives 109 and 110.)