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Gears.png As a Level 4 Janitor on RationalWiki: I, Kazitor, pledge to ignore all requests for help as a severe case of PEBKAC.
I furthermore pledge that if I make a mistake, it shall be speedily reverted, and I won't use my ungodly powers of promotion to silence all opposition.
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"We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further."
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H2g2.jpg The meaning of life has nothing to do with god or fate or any of that bullshit. It's 42.

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... This user already has too many userboxes, but added another one anyway.

Greetings! Humble tech Kazitor here. You'll mostly see me resolving redirects, fixing templates, correcting spelling and doing everything except any sort of substantial edit.[snark 1] If you need help with templates or other technicalities, drop me a message on my talk page or Technical support.[snark 2]

I registered because, having browsed through this site for quite a while, I noted some minor typos/other mistakes, so now I've registered to help fix these :) This edit was the first I ever wanted to make.

Things the userboxes don't explain

I like and am quite knowledgeable about maths and science, particularly physics.

I do computers. At this point it feels like I'm the only one using Technical support. Sometimes I try to write things here, and even succeed on occasion. Be warned, you might find it horrendously dull.

I play too many video games. PC only, and on that note please stop making first-person games that are clearly designed for consoles because it results in a poor interface and optimisation for us PC users and controlling any first-person game with a controller is literally impossible anyway.[snark 3] Here's me on steam, if you care.

I am a big fan of proper grammar and syntax, as you might notice from the rest of this paragraph and the following section. Preposition stranding doesn't really annoy me, by the way, I'm somewhat more of a descriptivist except when it causes the language to be more complex for no reason, like "(c|sh|w)ould of" despite the fact that "of" isn't even a verb, let alone an accepted auxiliary verb in literally any other situation. The English language only ever has "have" as the perfect etc.-forming auxiliary, why does "of" suddenly become "acceptable"[snark 4] after just three particular words? amongst others.[snark 5]

Unwanted appearances

Having a nice, sane discussion and then this user[snark 6] appears out of the blue? You might be interested in our brand-new "template", User:Kazitor/IsHere. It looks like:

Oh dear — Kazitor is here

Well, isn't this a downer.

Maybe if we ignore him, he'll go away?

To do

Things I want to raise

  • nav sidebars
  • trolls and dialogue
  • election process
  • 59c4f0f25a4ad844f9385ffca44cf9e327eb38f5e3f8dc7e47cace2c2c70c303 [snark 7]

There is 143 days 12 hours left before I need to get my shit together. (refresh)

Things I want to do

  • antiseptic userbox
  • HCM
  • template help?
  • reorganise help?
  • revert/undo summary tool
  • patrol tool


  1. The few times I've done that, I've found it quite draining. You lot seem to good at writing stuff.
  2. Since I'm the only one who responds there these days
  3. Yes, literally. Nobody has ever succeeded.
  4. It's not.
  5. Such atrocities are almost always caused by Seppos
  6. Not to be confused with that user
  7. Why would I hash it but tell you what it is anyway? No, this is a secret until it's relevant. Maybe not even then.