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R   E   T   I   R   E   D
This user has requested that their pages be archived and left untouched.
This is due to a private decision to leave RationalWiki and never come back.
Please honor their request. (Inquiries here)

assume good faith and block as a last resort! let sysops only block for a maximum of 3.14 days in addition to using the vandal bin, leave months to infinite to the mods. —Kazitor Kazitor sig pic.png 05:19, 19 November 2018 (UTC)


Contents of a text file I had listing various potential projects around the wiki. A few have already been done, to an extent.

guide to handling wandals and trolls
metricaction and metric system
promote antiseptic userbox
rw:extensions - list them and link to MW pages
{{talkpage}} change determination of if archive: something smarter or a param
move coop status to subpage... somehow

A really fancy suggestion thing. I would be interested in researching/writing/proofreading/seeing this

    userlinks or something, add links on user subpage to user toolbar
    local time
    Fun:Magic 8 Ball
    revert/undo summary tool
    patrol tool

Make templates

    reorganise it (this forms a logical sentence)
    how to gadget

    nav sidebars
    trolls and dialogue
    election process

    The joys of templates
We need more
Too many braces
For nerds
Wielded by deities
Horribly underpowered