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a bit weird when you pretty much have an account on a lot of websites with this display name and someone notices you from another website, well this is another website to add to the list of websites i have an account on. i really dont care what happens here just wanted to have a user page so if people can edit user pages then add anything below, ascci art random text the weird text that happens when you add too many accents to a character text blocks, yeah that stuff. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results, if at first you dont succeed try try again, meaning insanity is not succeeding, and it feels that way on dark souls (never played it but i feel like people will think i do there) dunning krueger effect (or however you spell it) in a first person view, in a game: player: well ive done everything in the game, what no-*finds new area, that was missed the first time, accounting for 60% of the game* player:

what the hell is this! - homer (simpson, not that greek guy)

one sec as i get this autoconfirmed user thing, the picture was that confused math lady meme, if someone sees this ( witch no one will (its a pun i do know how to spell)) dont like that rule where you cant add multiple exclamation marks, turki nadelik i think it was called, any way to remove it? i also heard about ranks, but havent found any good pages on it