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Who the hell put this lazy tag in here?

The fuck?

Anyway, I like astronomy and that is the only topic I feel I have any sort of higher knowledge in. I am competent with computers, but wiki-formatting utterly confounds me, so any sort of tables or boxes or anything more than a wiki link or redirect will have been copied from another page and modified slightly.

Any images I upload I will try to get from the NASA archives or I'll at least try and find the copyright of the picture, rather than simply slapping on a "fair use" label, like user on some other website.

I may go on unannounced hiatuses for months at a time. The main reason for these is most likely my cookies getting cleared in firefox and me not wanting to login.

Also, I picked up google wave and have 13 invites left if anyone is interested.

rough drafts/unfinished pages

/Eris (dwarf planet)