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Based on Fun:You have two cows, except about logical fallacies.


You have two cows. You feed one more because it's pregnant. Your friend says you must hate the other cow to feed it less.

False cause[edit]

You have two cows. You notice that your sheep population is going up but your cow population is now down to two, therefore more sheep make cows die.

Slippery slope[edit]

You have two cows. One dies. You assume that because that one cow died, the whole cow species will go extinct very quickly.

Ad hominem[edit]

You have two cows. Another farmer asks if he can buy one. You say no, because he was suspended from school for a while in Year 10.

Tu quoque[edit]

You have two cows. That same farmer says you're not feeding one enough and so it will die. You argue to the farmer that he sold you that cow and so he's to blame.

Personal incredulity[edit]

You have two cows. One dies. Because you don't know how the cow died, you conclude that it didn't actually die and is just sleeping.

Special pleading[edit]

You have two cows. You claim that one cow is immortal. When it dies, you argue that it's only immortal if you treat it correctly.

Burden of proof[edit]

You have two cows. You claim that the cows are actually robots. As no one can prove that that's false, it means it must be true.


You have two cows. One dies. You complain to the farmer that sold you them that these cows were supposed to be immortal. You say that he said that the cows 'wouldn't die soon' and that meant they were immortal.