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This user thinks that evolution explains the origin of species.
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Good Bye, Dear World[edit]

I am Vietnamese, and I am an atheist, and atheists constitute less than 1% of Vietnamese people. I have learned that, based upon Schlafly Statistics, I am liar, and I also don't exist. Damn.

Intellectual Masturbation[edit]

Will build philosophy section here. May inflict it upon others in due time.

Coming in from Leftfield![edit]

I've never been well versed in Science, and as a poet, philosopher, and generally reprehensible fellow, I apparently tend to lean towards the irrational. But... but... I like it here. OH REASON!!! YOU ARE A COLD BITCH!!! OH... oh... hold me...

But Seriously[edit]

One day my company will add RationalWiki to its IP filters. Maybe then I'll get back to work.