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I figure it's only right that I join here. After all, TK and most likely Conservative, Andy and Rob already "know" that I'm a member here.

I'm the idiot who tried to help Conservative twice and got banned and mocked in return.

The first time happened behind the scenes. I felt sorry for Conservative because he's one of the few senior sysops who isn't part of the Special Discussion Group and likely didn't know of the copy-paste jobs you guys exposed. So I joined CP and started a mail conversation with him, requesting that my mails would stay private.

Of course, he (a) didn't believe me, (b) refused to click any link to RW's documentation of the shit that's going on on CP, and (c) forwarded my mails (or at least the general gist and my user name) and mail address to TK, who in turn immediately called me a terrorist.

I later replied to Conservative's post about Google rank and got banned by TK for the high crime of not giving him my real IP so he can stalk me and threaten to call my superiors or family members or whatever.

I mailed Rob with the request to remove my helpful post, but he in turn just deleted my talk page. I assume that TK forwarded my mails to the Special Discussion Group, thus sealing my fate and nullifying any chance of posting on CP ever again.

My mail to Andy was never answered - but that's apparently the normal reaction.