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Diana Napolis is at best, the female counterpart to David Icke. What your friendly neighborhood Madman can decipher about her conspiracy theory is that it involves cyberpunk-esque secret technologies, gods, aliens, Egyptian cults and the government. However, he will continue to do further analysis of her ravings at her wordpress blog, though this is easier said than done. Diana Napolis is a former social worker, convicted felon, conspiracy theorist and stalker of Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"The Simulated Reality"[edit]

The core of Diana's beliefs is a little something called the Simulated Reality. This place apparently looks just like our world and has a "psuedo-light source" that is both the sun and moon. For once, instead of's aliens of various types experimenting on us in some zoo-thing.

Apparently, there is magic in the magical mind domain of batshittery Diana calls home, and in the Simulated Reality as well.

DARPA also has created some of these aliens, ignoring that if they were created by a earthly organization, they would be a species of earth just like any thing else. But of course, Science is part..of whatever the fuck the conspiracy is.

Celeb Stalker[edit]

In 2001, Napolis began to stalk the famous director Steven Spielberg. She accused him along with Hewitt, of controlling her thoughts through "cybertronic" technology and being part of a conspiracy against her.

In 2002, She stalked and uttered death threats toward Hewitt as well, this time getting arrested. This included impersonating a friend of Hewitt's in order to get into the regrettable Jackie Chan flick The Tuxedo and getting in a shoving match with her mother.

Naturally, this got her charged with six felonies and involuntarily committed to a insane asylum. After a year of such treatment, she plead guilty and got off free, provided she had no further contact with the two.