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Yes I am here and yes I am awe-inspiring![edit]

A little about me, well, I strive to be a-moral. You cannot imagine how difficult it is to forgo belief in good and evil when there are so many people around telling you "this is right" and "this is wrong." Of course, this statement is mostly in parody to right-wing-nuts who like to claim "it's so hard to be moral in an a-moral world." Personally, if these people had the constitution to create their own moral compass they wouldn't need some 2000 year old scrap-book of beliefs to tell them how to live.

If asked what it is I do believe in, the answer would be creation and destruction. These are the only two constants I've ever come across. If there was even one absolute moral in the world then someone would have figured it out and that religion would reign supreme. The Gold Rule even has it's loopholes. The example I sight is thus: I enjoy peeing on people, and I enjoy being peed on. If I were to do unto others and I would have them to unto them then I should go around peeing on people, however that scenario does not play out well for anyone. A simple illustration, yet one that proves the Golden Rule isn't absolute.

More News:[edit]

My girlfriend is a conservative catholic, but she's getting better.