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Hi, I'm a freethinker from Germany. Computer programmer/scientist, with statistics on the side. Feel free to ask me questions.

Not a member of any organized religion, and no fan of Buddhism either. ("All life is suffering" is somewhat unappealing, how can that be.)

I have never seen any proof for the existence of any deities, or a life/world beyond our universe. Although admittedly it wouldn't be a bad thing, having a hell for e.g. criminal pedosexuals. No matter of which religion/ideology.

An atheist doing good things is morally superior to a hypocritical theist - and I'm not going to budge.

I don't think the world is just (obv), but that we can make it better.

Re: theories of truth, I'm for the Correspondence/Coherence/Pragmatic theories.

Politically I stay away from ideologies of all kind, albeit with a particular dislike for Nazism. Formerly a member of the German Greens, but I'm putting the environment before any political party or person.

Also an admin at other wikis, e.g. here.