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Hi, I'm a freethinker from Germany. Computer programmer/scientist, with statistics on the side. Feel free to ask me questions.

Not a member of any organized religion, and no fan of Buddhism either. ("All life is suffering" is somewhat unappealing, how can that be.)

An atheist doing good things is morally superior to a hypocritical theist - and I'm not going to budge.

I don't think the world is just (obv), but that we can make it better.

Re: theories of truth, I'm for the Correspondence/Coherence/Pragmatic theories.

Politically I stay away from ideologies of all kind, albeit with a particular dislike for Nazism. Formerly a member of the German Greens, but I'm putting the environment before any political party or person.

Also an admin at other wikis, e.g. here.