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May 1st!

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Today I get to try out my new clever log automation system for the first actual time. Hooray for new things. I have been relying on the automation before now, obviously, but now I get to see how it looks when a whole month gets archived at once. I also get to see exactly how laborious it is to add a new archive. I'm guessing 'not very'.

Here is the New Month Protocol

  1. Post this (I will not probably do this every month)
  2. Change the month ID in the front page
  3. Change the previous month archive to no longer be a redirect
  4. Create a current month archive that redirects to the front page

It is a thrilling protocol.

By the way, because of the way the automation template works, this update will be the only thing on the 'front page' until tomorrow. I was going to write a real update for today so that I could have something substantial on the front page, but I am mysteriously lazy. Sorry about that.

--Mei (talk) 23:53, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

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