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RE: time & space

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Somehow I managed to be asleep for almost all of the last 24 hours, leaving me very little time in which to write. I did actually write several things while asleep (I am not joking) which were mainly about wordplay and politics, but it was impossible to retrieve them once I had woken up. I don't know why I didn't consider this while I was writing. When I did wake up my last meal had turned mouldy, which is implausible and for which I expect an apology from physics. I mean seriously, I wasn't asleep for that long. I am not gullible, physics.

As is sort of policy for CLoM, I will now show you a video I have enjoyed recently [1] It is pretty good, and I am watching it again right now.

I hope to make my next update an actual thing. Maybe more of Atlas Shrugged? Hm. If you have any suggests, feel free to put them in the talk page and I will consider them carefully. Thank you for listening.

--Mei (talk) 09:59, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

--Edited, Mei (talk) 00:25, 26 April 2010 (UTC)

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