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Banned from CP
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Writing Plan[edit]

I plan to write stuff. But I plan to talk more. I can predict with 95% certainty that I will talk more than make useful article contributions. I also predict with a 98.6 degree of certainty that any article contributions I make will not be useful, unless they're about something interesting. I also promise to cite things whenever I feel like it, and make unsourced statements at times. I promise that any vandalism I commit will be funny, or at least not unfunny 92% of the time.

My old CP userpage statement, because, yup, deleted[edit]

So, who am I and why am I here? I believe that there's a certain realm of human behavior that can be likened to performance art, and this seems like one of those places. It reminds me most strongly of, except the people here actually believe what they're writing. I'm here to make sure that those of us who are amused can follow links, and that bad grammar and punctuation don't obscure the true funniness. It's too easy to take potshots at those. I also edit for facts when I see something that's just wrong, especially about language.

What's my background? Linguistic anthropologist by training (or anthropological linguist, depending on the time of day), language and information technologist by profession.

And yes, I'm a Godless Liberal Heathen. That may seem redundant, but I prefer three-letter initialisms. Three just feels good when you're a native English speaker.

Some CP favorites[edit]

Favorite edit that's still in the article -- Empire State Building

Reminds me of CP[edit]

From Language Log

Yup, deleted[edit]

For this And, apparently, I'm a sock. Of whom, I'm not sure. And gee, isn't TK funny? His block reason? "Troll, possible subHuman kind"/"Sock, possible subHuman kind". And, for the record, my name really is Mya. I have never had another login on CP.

I'm very tempted to post the IM 'conversation' I just had with a certain banning sysop, but that seems like a low blow. Oh, and I'm Cat's sock, apparently, although I'm American and even provided my real name.

Wow, isn't it amazing how quickly history can change? In minutes! For posterity:

In all friendliness[edit]

- You are aware that people read the block logs. You are aware that people do not get your 'humor' in your reasons given for blocking (um, because calling someone subhuman is really not funny, regardless of what they may -- or probably didn't -- do). And your tone when responding to comments of this nature seems to come off as, well, to use an aural comparison, like that abrasively loud person in the office who doesn't get why everyone avoids them at any social sort of function. Basically, someone who's talking so loudly and self-involvedly about themselves that they can't hear anyone else. Please understand, I'm not complaining about the policy (or lack thereof -- to all appearances it's pretty arbitrary). I'm merely making a friendly plea to spend a little time thinking about how you might come across, here in the world where no one can hear your tone of voice. Cheers! MyaR 21:07, 8 June 2007 (EDT)

  • Well, sock...I think you said it all on your user page, no?

And yes, I'm a Godless Liberal Heathen. That may seem redundant, but I prefer three-letter initialisms. Three just feels good when you're a native English speaker.

Retrieved from ""

Sysop-TK /MyTalk 21:42, 8 June 2007 (EDT)

Raw IM transcript (completely unedited)=[edit]

Clearly, CP policy is "assume bad faith". Please note TK's confusion of English nationality with English language.

Session Start (mya:Exculpatory1): Fri Jun 08 22:16:05 2007
[22:16] mya: Um, dude? sorry, easiest way I found to contact you on your talk page
[22:16] Exculpatory1: huh?
[22:16] mya: as you might note from my iM name, my name is, in fact Mya
[22:16] mya: i am not a troll, a sock, nor subhuman
[22:16] Exculpatory1: lol no?
[22:16] mya: no
[22:17] Exculpatory1: thats why i post this on my page. they call it communication
[22:17] mya: as in, no lol
[22:17] mya: um, which is what I was attempting
[22:17] mya: apparently, communication is a banworthy offense
[22:17] Exculpatory1: yes, posts like yours are
[22:17] mya: in what way, please?
[22:17] Exculpatory1: you seem a big girl
[22:17] mya: saying, hey, your tone is read frequently as it is probably not intended
[22:17] Exculpatory1: and you say you are native to english, no?
[22:18] mya: ooooo, insults!
[22:18] Exculpatory1: i would say my "tone" is read correctly
[22:18] Exculpatory1: no insult
[22:18] mya: oh, so you ARE an asshole
[22:18] Exculpatory1: didnt you say that on your page?
[22:18] mya: um, no
[22:18] Exculpatory1: uh yes
[22:18] mya: I said, you read that way
[22:18] Exculpatory1: you said you liked 3 letters
[22:18] Exculpatory1: because why?
[22:19] mya: wait, maybe crosstalking
[22:19] Exculpatory1: you were an english speaker, no?
[22:19] mya: on my page, I said I was a godless liberal heathen
[22:19] Exculpatory1: somewhere
[22:19] Exculpatory1: lol
[22:19] Exculpatory1: anyway
[22:19] mya: I said zero, zilch about you
[22:19] Exculpatory1: what?
[22:19] Exculpatory1: I am talking about some post of yours saying you were english, or spoke it
[22:19] Exculpatory1: does that ring a bell?
[22:20] mya: Ah, thought you were answering comment "oh, so you ARE an asshole"
[22:20] mya: I am not English, I am American
[22:20] mya: I am a native speaker of English, yes
[22:20] Exculpatory1: i ignored that, for obviously we were cross talking, my dear
[22:20] Exculpatory1: ;-)
[22:20] mya: um, I'm not your dear
[22:21] Exculpatory1: bye
[22:21] mya: oh, no communication?
[22:21] mya: hmmmm
[22:21] mya: why am I not surprised?
[22:21] Exculpatory1: because you are a troll?
[22:21] mya: what was your question about speaking English about?
[22:21] Exculpatory1: Cat, please just message me as you
[22:21] Exculpatory1: this is tiresome
[22:21] mya: I'm NOT Cat
[22:22] mya: I am not English
[22:22] mya: I grew up in the US
[22:22] Exculpatory1: english means language
[22:22] mya: which you could google my name and find out, now
[22:22] Exculpatory1: i dont google people
[22:22] mya: English means A language
[22:22] Exculpatory1: bye bye now
[22:22] mya: but what was your reason for asking?
[22:22] mya: just trying to figure stuff out
[22:22] Exculpatory1: nice (not) chatting with you
[22:23] Exculpatory1: your quarralsome ways tire me
[22:23] mya: um, quarrelsome?
[22:23] Exculpatory1: you are neither christian or conservative
[22:23] Exculpatory1: why bother signing up?
[22:23] Exculpatory1: is your life so empty, all you do is fight on the internet?
[22:23] mya: Because the children this is intended for are not being well-served by the quality of a lot of stuf.
[22:24] Exculpatory1: Yes, Cat, I agreed with your before, remember?
[22:24] mya: If you'd care to actually look at some of my edits to articles, I reverted vandalism, didn't create it
[22:24] Exculpatory1: why subject me to this now?
[22:24] mya: I AM NOT CAT
[22:24] Exculpatory1: ;p
[22:24] mya: golly gee, you're paranoid