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(1 Kings 7:23)
"We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further."
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"That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."
"Blessed be Her Hooves,
may They never be shod"
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(Теперь и на русском языке)

I decided to make an account here, mostly to be able to organize my thoughts and possibly get reaction from a rational community.

Thoughts on Gay Marriage[edit]

I'm trying to refine my argument that gay marriage is technically already legal under the constitution. It goes something like this:

  1. Why do you think gay marriage is wrong?
  2. Listen to whatever crap the person feeds me.
  3. Refute most of the claims using basic logic. (i.e. your basic sanctity of marriage argument, etc) However, when it comes to the religious claim, "Its a sin against God." continue to the following steps.
  4. Point out that since this is not a religious debate, we will assume that all religions are equally valid for now.
  5. Point out that if the above steps are true, their religious anti-gay argument is the only possibly valid one.
  6. This means that whether or not someone believes that they can be gay is determined by their religious beliefs, if their religion says NO then they will believe that they can't be gay, if it says WHATEVER! they will think its all right.
  7. Point out that in (whatever country you happen to be in, this holds true for my countries today, for me its the USA) that you have freedom of religion.
  8. It follows that, unless you can come up with some sort of evidence that being homosexual is unhealthy, that being gay marriage is a purely religious issue, and whether or not you can get a same sex marriage depends on whether or not you can find a religion (or lack thereof) that is not against gay marriage. Any judge performed ceremony should do as well.

Note to people reading this: Suggestions, comments?

Thoughts On Religion[edit]

(Speaking to any random person, usually Christian) "Think about it: If you were born in India, a person of Indian decent, you would most likely be Hindu. No matter how much you try to deny it, it's just the truth. And the part that confounds me is that your religion says the Hindu will suffer a literal eternal hell, and theirs says you will be reincarnated in a lower form of some sort. You both see the other as wrong for the exact same reason, and yet fail to realize it. But what gets me, even more so that the previous thing, is that after this conversation, despite everything I just said having made sense, you will brush it off as something along the lines as the Devil having influence over me, and/or trying to corrupt you through me. You won't even give what I've said any real consideration."

Thoughts On Comedy[edit]

Everything is potentially funny. "But....." NO BUTS! Once you even attempt to say that a certain joke is never funny simply due to subject matter, you undermine free speech. Even Dane Cook, or Carlos Mencia are potentially funny. Provided they are the butt of the joke, rather than the joke teller, of course. ^-^