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Funniest creationist quotes[edit]

  • "I am a skeptic of evolution."
  • "There is philosophical evidence for God's existence!"


I am a libertarian minarchist, meaning I believe 100% in personal, individual freedoms and that the government should be as small as possible. Any government should only, and exclusively, exist to enforce against direct acts of violence, theft, property infringement, or fraud. I am for a completely unregulated capitalist market.

I oppose the death penalty, under all circumstances. Killing should only be done in self-defense from violence. I oppose gun control in all forms, and I even oppose legal requirements for arms businesses to perform background checks on customers.

All drugs should be legalized. While I sincerely dislike addictions to hard drugs like meth and cocaine, and how it ruins many lives, I think outlawing them is not a solution, but that it adds to the problem. The War on Drugs is toxic.

Taxation is literally theft.

While I think killing animals for sport or abusing animals is very, very cruel and wrong and disgusting, I can't say I have an opinion as to whether or not such practices should be illegal. The question I ask myself is if animal murder etc. is even enforceable at all.

I don't agree with all of Ayn Rand's views 100% (I disagree with some), but I definitely think she didn't deserve all the hate she got.

Speaking of hate, I adopt a personal philosophy against hatred. While I don't think it should be illegal to hate someone, I think hatred severely devalues humans and should be absolutely suppressed. I think hating someone and wanting them to die are practically synonymous. I am disgusted that hatred of some group or other is commonplace in our society. Furthermore, the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" logic is immoral; you shouldn't hate someone simply because they hate you, or even if they have done something severely immoral. Hating back is just making the tension between you two, or between groups, rise, which literally causes more horrible things to happen. I don't hate anyone. I might hate ideas, or actions, but not people. Everyone should think that way; it would make our society a better place. I call this philosophy antiodism.

Putting people in prison should not be seen as a punishment. If you lock someone away for life, whether they learn from their mistake or not is irrelevant. You're keeping murderers away from civilization, because you can't trust them not to do the same action again. It's not punishment; it's safekeeping.

Freedom of expression is absolute! Yelling "fire" in a crowded theater or threatening someone's life are not applicable to the freedom of speech because they have direct effects. If you threaten someone, you are indicating a direct act of violence. Yelling "fire" in a crowded theater causes a direct disturbance due to the noise and people directly reacting with fear etc. There are many people who say really hurtful and bigoted things, but their rights to say those things should absolutely be protected, or else we're already bordering on fascism.

As a libertarian, I believe in liberty in all senses; I also find the practices and rules of some companies to be disgusting. I want our society in the future to be truly without hierarchies and rules of any sort. Doing whatever the fuck you want is the best possible way you can live. Appreciate any possible freedom you have. Appreciate every breath you take. Walk outside your house for a minute at 1 AM and just look at everything around you. Maybe walk around in your yard for a bit. Feel actual euphoria over the fact that you are actually allowed to walk around your yard, in whatever way you please, at 1 AM! Pick a blade of grass and appreciate the free will you used to do that. Eat it if you want to! Put it in your hair. Hell, it's your grass. Who cares how weird the things you do with it are? Property sure is an amazing thing!

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