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My political and philisophical viewpoints do not fit nicely into any box.

I am a dual citizen of the USA and Canada, having been born in Canada but moving to the USA as a small child. Unlike Ted Cruz, however, I am ineligible to run for President.

In the USA presidential election, unlike many people, I respect both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and will most likely vote for Donald Trump - almost exclusively over the issue of globalization and the fact that Trump is not a social wing nut like the rest of the 2016 GOP field, including John Kasich and Lindsey Graham. Elections are not meant to be fuzzy popularity contests, and Donald Trump is highlighting many reasons why globalization has not helped the working class. Hillary Clinton, much better than any of Trump's primary opponents, is providing a reasonable counterpoint to Trump on defending globalization while still caring for the working class. That being said, Obama and the Clintons have dropped the ball by attempting to push for opening up immigration and worker visas - both for low and high skill - without lowering income inequality or providing for full citizen employment. This makes immigration expansion politically untenable in this or any other similarly situated country.

Either expand green cards and citizenship or restrict them, but nonimmigrant worker visas and permits and the idea of them have to go for the good of the working class. This includes Obama's illegal executive actions that gave worker permits to illegal immigrants.

President Obama is a good man and has done well for the US economy generally, but has failed miserably in his goal of reducing income inequality. Some blame can be put on the opposition party, but the President squandered many opportunities when his party controlled the Congress for 2 years and the Senate for 6 years. He is also a horrible negotiator.

My election prediction for 2016 is the electoral map will be somewhere in between the 2004 and 2012 map, with Trump winning all 2012 Romney states (including North Carolina and I'm sticking to that prediction) and losing all 2004 Kerry states. I think Trump will lose New Mexico, Colorado, and Virginia, thereby losing a close election to Hillary Clinton, even if he won Iowa, Nevada, Florida, and Ohio.