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About Me[edit]

Physicist, Michigander, Freelance Writer, Nerd, Brewer, Future-Distiller, Brew-pub opening in 2015. If I'm editing here, AW or CP, I probably should be working but this is what I do when I can't concentrate on the real world. Other stuff too, but I'm sick of talking about myself unprompted, so just email me if you want to ask me anything, I'll definitely respond, the worst I'll do is decline to answer to question.

Preemptive Answer to Public Questions Regarding my CP Account[edit]

Yes, I am a CP user as well. No, I do not hold any ill-will toward what their "commandments" state they are trying to do there... I've simply come here because my attempts to introduce the facts into their science based articles were not well received. And before anyone else asks, no I'm not anyone famous over there. I'll replace this with some more specific information about myself once I'm finally done over there, I don't want to give them any reason to perma-ban me any earlier.