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Revelation of the Method[edit]

  • The granddaddy theorem underlying all "You can totally see the shape of the Twin Towers in a one dollar bill!" bullshit conspiracy crap.

Rewrite of PNAC[edit]



  • Super-creepy project by the DOD to create virtual parents in order to fool kids
  • Main idea is that it frees up parents from having to talk to their kids when they're too busy killing terrorists
  • While unethical, it's also stupidly overambitious. Even a kiddie Turing test would be pretty damn hard to beat.
  • Link

Black Eyed Kids[edit]

  • Paranormal boogeymen that take the form of, what else?, kids with completely black eyes
  • Spooky mind-clouding powers plus vampire-like insistence on needing permission to enter
  • Created by Brian Bethel in 1998
  • Well-written and creepy story - also blatantly false in the "Guys, this totally just happened to me!" sense