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I don't normally write bios about myself, so yeah, this will likely be pretty bad. I discovered RationalWiki recently (a few days ago, today is 4/25/13 or 25/4/13), and I will admit, I've got more tabs open than I normally do for TvTropes, just due to article binging. Found it through FSTDT (PosthumanHeresy there, too). I don't really feel like listing my interests and life story, just always have been a private individual. Suffice to say, I'm an atheist liberal with a crappy past whose life mirrors soap operas way more than seems logical (ten-person not-a-triangle-love-triangle thing that lasted a few months, for example). The name comes from a Marilyn Manson song and a Nine Inch Nails song. Most music I listen to is either metal, classic rock, the better modern rock or full orchestral stuff, and is sometimes full orchestral covers of metal or rock songs. Sorry my user page sucks, but, well, not good about talking about myself.

Figure I might as well add this now: I do not like it when people are asses to others because of mental disorders. As it would be said on TvTropes, that's my berserk button. It comes from planning to major in clinical psychology, having been depressed and suicidal, having plenty of other problems, having plenty of family with problems, having talked friends out of suicide and the girl I love being a paranoid schizophrenic (she's on medication, and I sometimes help her through worse episodes, because she trusts me more than her mind), and still stronger than most people I know. So yeah, discrimination based on mental disorder, even if it's mainstream to discriminate based on the disorder, will really set me off.

In more recent news (it's 6/20/14 aka 20/6/14 now), I'm a male-to-female transgender. Feel free to call me Zoey.

Updating this for the first time in a year, just to say, yeah, still transgender, still miserable, also now a radio DJ at WCDB Albany, which is both on the radio and streamed at wcdbfm.com and I also have a Tumblr. Check it out here.