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probably stupid.
Open book 01.png "This is a quote about nothing useful!"

- Your Uncle John

Life is tough, but it's tougher if you're stupid.
John WayneWikipedia

This page a the user page of the Almighty Stupid Crayfish. There is a lot of useful information here.


I'm probably stupid. If you hadn't figured that out, you're probably stupid[1].

I'm Sorry[edit]

Logical form:

  • I hurt your feelings?
    • I don't care
  • I didn't hurt your feelings
    • You're probably stupid
      • I hurt your feelings?
        • Cont...

Holy Crap They're Stupid![edit]

Believe it or not, there are actually people stupider that me! Wowzers!

Donald Trump[edit]

Main article: Donald Trump
There is a picture of Donald Trump's brain:

Important Animals[edit]


Goats are superior intellectual beings created by God. In fact, many evolutionists actually know of this, but because of their Illuminati connections and blind faith they pretend to believe in the theory. In fact, infamous Richard Dorkins admitted he was wrong when he visited some island and came up with the theory.[2]


Some even worship goats. See Goats for more information.


Crayfish are godly creatures that created goats and other holy beings. They want to ban marijuana in Colorado. Don't question the crayfish.


Catfish is food. You catch it by shooting it with a sniper.


See Daniel Radcliffe

Awesome Sites For Stupid People[edit]

Because octopi don't have 12 tentacles.

Real Stuff Begins Here[edit]

Not yet
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  1. Because the Bible says so.