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Mostly a lurker.

Maybe I will make a useful edit some day, who knows! For now I mostly just hover around the saloon.

I mostly joined RW to bother someone other than my wife with my complaints about the world. Lucky you!

About me[edit]

White cis guy in his early thirties. I am in Arizona. I used to consider myself apolitical, then independent with an overall moderate middle-ground view but have found myself leaning left since 2016.

I don’t have a firm belief on many things that I don’t feel well educated on, but am irreligious, pro-choice and in general try to follow the golden rule. Maybe that’s dumb, since I guess most people probably think they do. I might seem quick to roll over in a debate- if you witness this it’s likely because I am willing to listen and am probably not knowledgeable enough on the topic to argue.

I don’t have a refined palette by any means but I like

Coffee, the blonder the better
Steak, the rarer the better
Alcohol, the fruitier the better
Chocolate, the more the better.

I have a bachelors in bio science that I haven’t flexed since I got it, so I can feel myself slowly forgetting all my booklearnings. I currently work for a major insurance carrier, previously a bank; I have a positive opinion, mostly, of both industries. If that ever comes up, I guess.