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postmodernism <3[edit]

I like art and nature and secrets. I don't care for cities or corporations or anything like that.

"I lived through the collapse of civilization and all I got was this lame t-shirt!!"[edit]

my fursona is a cool deer-headed four-armed human-body thing with radio antennas jutting out of its upper back. its closer to a kaiju than a fursona but i stand by it. he/she is called Skywatcher.

musical things i like: arcade fire, bob dylan, the doors, sigur ros, of monsters and men, radiohead, GY!BE, dead kennedys, wilco, johnny cash, woody guthrie, talking heads, modest mouse, new order, r.e.m., u2 (i know what you're thinking, you don't need to say it), gorillaz and a whole lot of other people.

andre breton, marcel duchamp and guy debord are my god-emperors.


i also make noise music and listen to strange things on the radios and take things apart and put them in trees and i build shrines and sculptures and paintings and machines that make sounds and sights. this is the tail end of an age, and the world is about to move on, so the best bet is to hunker down and enjoy the ride while things start to crumble around us and the seas rise and the air heats up. good thing i like humid days at the beach. and there is nothing like a good cyclone or storm system. always bet on the apocalypse, because best case scenario, you're wrong. and if not, then at least your bag's packed. // these are just some opinions and premonitions, but i like to keep my mind open to new ideas. im no reactionary. // its gross how money is even a thing. human beings have spent all this time evolving and where has that led us. we have to validate our own existences by selling our bodies and labor to some crook who was lucky to be born richer than the rest of us and then he gets angry when we want to take a breather. and all our politicians are just there to lease all the natural resources off to the bosses so they can sell it back to us for the sake of a greasy buck, i mean, what have we gotten ourselves into now? this civilization of ours has turned into the biggest raw deal in the known universe. but i tell you, at least this planet has a negative reaction to all this b.s. there have been collapses before, but life goes on and the world keeps spinning. and i thank the Ocean Spirit that i am in a position to at the very least enjoy my own time on this planet, and that i was put here before it all went to hell. // i like a good secret. nothing like a weird little antique shop or storm drain hidden in the forests of memory to hang out in and try and hide from the dominion of capitalist civ. i myself know for a fact that there is another way to live than all this crap with roads and skyscrapers and cops. there are little places that exist in obscurity, and we can derive from obscurity, liberty. i'd like nothing more than a quiet life in the country where i can live in peace with my paintings and whatnot. there are places like this. it's just that most of the time it's not so obvious, and they need a little help getting back on their feet. all those rickety old houses in the old mining towns. // i can't say if i believe in ghosts or not, but i do believe a place can be haunted. even people can be haunted. but that sure as hell is not a bad thing. it's good to remember why a place is sacred. to remember the people who stood up for themselves and their comrades to fight against the way things are and aspire to find another way of life.