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My name is Randolf Richardson, I'm a Canadian citizen living in Beautiful British Columbia, and I'm a skeptic who advocates for freedom and critical thinking. One of the web sites I run is called The Atheist Frontier (with the slogan "Questioning what's Real") at wherein I provide distinctions between atheism ("absence of theism") and anti-theism ("opposition to theism") in an effort to resolve some confusion between these two words (I suspect this confusion stems from certain dictionaries providing erroneous definitions of "atheism").

I am also interested in the Chinese language (and presently learning to speak the Mandarin dialect), and my personal home page is viewable at https://www.張文道.com/ or (where the meaning of my Chinese name is also translated and explained).

This RationalWiki is a wonderful idea, and I'm delighted to be counted among one of its many contributors. As more people are becoming educated and encouraged to think freely, I believe that skepticism is also gaining popularity, and so demand for resources such as this wiki are steadily, yet gradually, increasing. Where Johannes Gutenberg's printing press was the first stage in inspiring more literacy, I view the internet as the second stage in encouraging an even greater need for literacy because now people can readily publish their ideas (free expression) on a global scale both inexpensively and with greater convenience.