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Enter the Rationalissimo - that's, uh, me. A tortured person living a tortured life in a world where - to be honest - existence is synonymous with torture.



Despite my recent join date (31 March 2020), I wasn't actually "new" to RationalWiki as much as I was an amateur on it. I first discovered the wiki almost 4 years ago, and quickly developed a dislike for its conservatism-critical positions - naturally I departed from the site, seeing it as little more than an opinion blog for pissed liberals. Part of me still believes that. But now, I don't see it as being such a bad thing, necessarily. That's because between that bitter first encounter, and the present day, my views steadily evolved, as did my tolerance, though I didn't frequent RationalWiki until recently.

Having suffered a confidence shock in mid-August 2019, I found myself withdrawing from my social life. With more time on my hands I began skimming the articles here - at first out of boredom, then eventually interest. Not being very knowledgeable I didn't seek to partake in political discussion or anything like that; I simply wanted to enlighten myself by perusing reliable sources - like this very site. Soon enough as IRL went from bad to shit, I began visiting RW every day, to kill time and further educate myself on topics (such as energy) I was formerly ignorant on. Day by day the urge to make an account grew, until...I did it.


I'm quite wishy-washy in my views; I don't know whether that's rationality or underconfidence talking. I tend to explore morally troubling scenarios by playing out debates about controversial issues in my head, from a Devil's Advocate point of view. Both the Socratic Method and polemicism appeal to me, not sure which should define my style more.

Thanks for giving enough of a crap to stop by. It was fun working on this project while my time lasted. So long, and thanks for all the fish.