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Why'd ya protect your user page Goonie? Huh? why'd you do that? Were people messin' with your user page? Huh Goonie? Were they? Is that why ya protected it, Goonie? Huh? Is that why?

Cp chain of command.gif This user was decratted in the Saloon Bar Putsch.

As a RationalWiki something or another, I hereby declare that I do... um..... something around here.... I dunno. Here, just enjoy the music:

"Fuck shit up! Whanananana"
Quit what you don't love. We are all free!
A punk rock song won't ever change the world,
but I can tell you about a couple that changed me.


If you wish to track me down, you can find a map to my home here

Follow follow follow follow follow follow follow me
Wither shall I follow follow follow
Wither shall I follow follow thee
To the greenwood to the greenwood to the green wood greenwood tree