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I noticed that the title of this "user page" was still red.

I wondered why, and decided that apparently, this is where I am supposed to archive my user page.

But what if I'm not ready to archive my page? Then I figured out that if I type something here, it will no longer be red.

I have actually been mulling this over since joining the wiki, and have just now come to this conclusion. As I joined in 2007, it appears that my thought process is a little slower than most.

Note: However, I did figure out earlier that the associated talk page is for archiving my user talk page every so often. Refugeetalk page 04:52, 5 March 2013 (UTC)

Note 2: It only took me 2 minutes to locate the tilde on the keyboard, so I could sign my post.

Note 3: And another 2 minutes to realize that I don't have to sign posts on my own page, since it's my page, it's assumed to be me.

Whatever. Refugeetalk page 04:52, 5 March 2013 (UTC)