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A nice, relaxing bath feels so good.

I'm a 50-something early retiree[1] living in the western United States. I would describe myself as some sort of quasi-beatnik hippie. I am very new to the rationalist movement and to politics in general, having abandoned politics after Reagan was elected. That all changed after an exchange with a tea party neighbor of mine, who seemed to not want the government in his life, but wanted them to burn my lesbian daughter at the stake. Pro-freedom? Yeah, right! I decided, at that point, that it was about time I re-entered the political and activism scene I abandoned long ago, and found that rationalism was my fit into the social schematics of it all.

It appears I am a more dedicated reader than editor here. But I'm still around if anybody has something they need me for.


  1. Not by choice. I am disabled as a result of a stroke