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Thank you for your interest, dear citizen.

I'm a Robot Opera Singer, and I fight crime. I'm also an huge Andy Richter/Conan O'Brien fan from waaaaay back.

Aside from being a crime fighting Robot Opera Singer, I can also predict the future. That's right, I can look all the way into the year 2000!

Things that DO NOT describe me[edit]

First, I am NOT sarcastic. Not ever!!! I'm always 100% serious.

Second, I'm NOT a language arts instructor. Honors English at a high school? Please! Sure I can spell and write good, but that don't mean I are that good at it.

Third, I'm NOT a thespian. Isn't it fun to look up thespians making out on google, though? Or, wait.....

Forth, I'm certainly NOT a theater instructor. Borrrrrrring! Besides, we cut the funding for the theater last year so we could cut taxes and build a stadium.

Last but not least, I have never, EVER, played the clarinet. Don't even ask about my Selmer Signet Series instrument.

I am also NOT currently on medical leave for 6 months as a result of back surgery, nor am I bored to death, none of which explains why I am up so early in the morning every day.

Current crime-fighting activities[edit]

  • Fighting crimes against the English language committed by a certain user here on the Roman Catholic article.