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Shatto's Short Bio[edit]

I'm a supermod on I'm cynical. A realist. Atheist. Favor logic, rationality and practicality.

I enjoy computers, robotics, metaphysics, psychology and parkour

I have far too many games than I'm able to play, that of which I only play on PC.

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

"Great things die at the hand of the masses wanting convenience over quality."

“To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.”

"Remember that it is both possible (and even necessary) to simultaneously enjoy media while also being critical of its more problematic or pernicious aspects."

Refuting Common Arguments[edit]

This will be a place that I use for now (till I get a proper article or website set up) to list common arguments I've come across online (right now mostly about Anita Sarkeesian) and wish to refute/prove[edit]

Anita is involved in the Development of Mirrors Edge 2?[edit]

Short Answer: False.

Long Answer: Anita held a conference at DICE and tweeted about it, this apparently sparked with a user on Destuctoid who goes by the name "TheKodu"[1] and decided to make a blog post[2] based solely on that. He/She then goes on to state that Anita was hired by EA to "help" make Mirrors Edge 2.

So what is Ms Sarkeesian meant to be doing for EA ? Well EA thought it would be a great idea to set her to work “helping” the team making, possibly the only female lead game EA has really going still in, the Mirrors Edge series.

He/She then proceeds to state this:

Oh but wait this story gets batcrap crazy faster than EA hiring someone who is rather despised. According to sources it’s suggested her comments on Mirrors edge are to say the least worrying, both in terms of the game and because of the whole Feminist argument. “I can relate to a lot of fellow female gamers who did not get into this game due to its difficult controls”, that’s what she’s reported to have said.

He/She says "According to sources" likely only one very, very unreliable source being a post on 4chan[3] that Anita debunked[4]

He/She blabbers on some more, taking way too long to say nothing of worth and at the very end posts this:

For those after some confirmation of events (at least the fact the conference happened) I've been reliably informed that there are Tweets relating to this on the Femenist frequency Twitter account
— TheKodu

I'd like to note before I go on, that all quotes are taken copy pasted from their source and any typos are not of my doing. Now this means that everything He/She just claimed were true, they have no sources for the information past that the DICE event actually happened.

Did that stop people from blindly reading an article about a person they already disliked and running to the top of the hills and screaming it as truth at the top of their lungs? Hell no. Not these rational, logical, totally not misogynistic gamers. One look at the comment section of that blog should be enough to convince you, however it gets worse. Not only is that post 2 years old and was before the Mirrors Edge 2 reboot but since it's so full of obvious truth that someone by the name of "Danielle Bristol" went and made a petition[5] to get Anita fired from a position she didn't even have.

Now not only is this morally wrong and unethical to make a petition in order for someone to lose their job simply because you don't like them but they were willing to boycott EA if they didn't get rid of her. EA has been voted as worst company for years as well as being known to come out with bug infested games with day one DLC but gamers aren't upset about that, oh no. They're filled with rage, pure rage that EA would hire (based on a sourceless rumor) someone they hate so much, not even for any rational reasons but simply her opinion.

EA had finally spoken up about it[6] and the response? Complete and utter skepticism. So they got Anita herself to refute the issue but people were saying she's a liar and can't be trusted,fine. EA spoke up about it then (which personally I'm very surprised they did) and still they refuse to believe it because EA is shady and they didn't state it exactly how people wanted them to so there ended up top comments such as these:

Is she working with or involved in ANYTHING you (EA) or any external partner are working on?

The fact that you have only offered a very vague answer that leaves plenty of "wiggle-room" is not good enough.

EA need to state VERY clearly and with no potential for misunderstanding or "interpretation", that they have nothing to do with Anita Sarkeesian, directly or indirectly.

Until that happens, I must consider it a very real possibility and therefor not support EA in any way.
—Morten L
Yeah, no shit you're not working with her on Development for Mirror's Edge. Now answer the real question: Are you working with her on Mirror's Edge TWO?
—James DeMatt
So if she isn't working with DICE as part of the development team, then what is she doing?

She must surely be having some kind of input into the games development but with EA answering the questions asked, without really answering them, leaves too much open to interpretation.

Even if she is there to make sure the game is being developed in an unsexist (is that even a word?) way, then she would surely be involved in the games development.

And if not this game then what else?

EA needs to answer these questions clearly and precisely.

Anything else is just political speak which we all know is bullsh*t.
—Stuart Marple
Look who ever at EA decided to write this response, clearly was drunk. We need confirmation that the woman in question (Anita Sarkeesian) is not collaborating, providing input nor working on anything that has to do with anything you (EA and partners) are developing.

"Anita Sarkeesian, is not nor ever was a registered party assisting in the development of EA: Mirrors Edge. We have not requested nor recieved any input from Anita Sarkeesian on Mirrors Edge, and have developers working without her opinion on the game." Just say that, literally all you have to say is in that sentence and then the 48,000 people won't dislike you enough to sign a petition against you! :D

So yeah, unless you come clear and clarify this, I'm still gonna dislike you EA. Seriously, where you are right now, having this kind of publicity, is kind of the wrong publicity. You're just gonna make that grave deeper my friends. But I trust you won't make any dumb decisions, we don't need another Enron.
—Darryl Minaker
Given that it's EA, I don't believe a word they say. This is the wrong mindset, but they've burned me too many times, so they're Guilty until Proven Innocent as far as I'm concerned.
—Lillian Shii
I wont believe you EA until EVERY LITTLE MINUTE DETAIL IS RELEASED. Seriously, give out that info or you will only end up looking worse
—Brandon Chrestensen

This is EA's response to the petition:

This petition is based on inaccurate information. EA is not working with Anita Sarkeesian on development of Mirror’s Edge.

How this can be misinterpreted for anything other than plain English is beyond me and simply shows that people are too blind by their own bias to see the facts and truth in front of them. Even after all this [7] people are still posting and signing the petition, hell Hitler himself rose from the grave just to show his disdain for Anita