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UPDATE: Hack was undone, so this script has been obsoleted.

On CP, Simply copy-paste the following into User:YOURNAME/monobook.js (if you're using the regular MediaWiki skin like RW/WP do) or User:YOURNAME/conserv.js (if you're using the CP default skin).[1] Once you save it, refresh the page a few times, and it should come into effect. All links should be rewritten.

Disclaimer: Since I'm still banned on CP for something silly (I think it was because RobSmith told me that he liked something I did... and I think my userpage was also Not Okay all of a sudden...), I couldn't test this one properly. I did a test on RW, though, and it seemed to work.

NOTE: This script will be useless for you if you're blocked on CP. It requires the ability to edit there. If you can't edit, but are using Firefox, you can try the Greasemonkey version of this.

function rw(){
var allElements, thisElement, bluh, blah;
allElements = document.getElementsByTagName('a');
for (var i = 0; i < allElements.length; i++)
	thisElement = allElements[i];
	if (thisElement.href.match(/index\.php/i))
		blah = thisElement.href;
		bluh = blah.split('');
		blah = bluh[0]+''+bluh[1];



  1. Of course, you will have to write the URL as to avoid getting scammed.