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Man this place is geting cliquey. Don't fight fire with fire you fools. Use water. Or custard. Or anything except fire. That will only make it worse.

Serious Posts[edit]

Every time I make a serious post I regret it. If you came to this page to find out "who is this tosser getting on his high horse" then I'm really sorry I provoked that reaction. I really should stop posting seriously and I honestly don't know why i do it. Oh I feal it profoundly when I type it. But 10 minutes and a cup of camomile tea later and I start to wonder if I possibly acted in haste. Usually the answer is "yes". I am a classic example of one who engages in Freudian projection. Text on a screen does not convey body language and in these gaps I project the worst aspects of my own character. I'm not proud of it. Be patient with me.


I think Conservapedia is as fascinating as it is funny. I don't believe in engaging in wiki-wars with them. if ever Conservapedia was to dissapear I would feel I had lost my daily entertainment. I believe some people take it all too seriously and rather than thinking about what does CP most harm I simply think about what is funniest. They are sometimes the same thing. I believe basic vandalism is usually unproductive and boring but it is sometimes funny (example: I laughed a lot at the 'Hitler Megazords'). The best vandalism looks for a new angle, something original and does it well (example: template vandalism, or 'Mr Spell'). I don't and haven't vandalised CP myself mainly because I can't think of anything original. If ever I do, I'll be right there.

Parody can be interesting but is getting very difficult as things like the 'Darwin/Hitler/Parrot/We Love Evolutionary Racism picture' is impossible to parody. With people like Ken on board parody is redundent.

Stuff I Keep Forgetting[edit]

Saloon Bar