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Long live Dr. Gori!
Open book 01.png "Il faut adapter la ville à l’automobile"

- Georges Pompidou

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My name is not Sultan Rahi: it's a pseudonym that I stole from a famous dead Pakistani actor who did a lot of incredible movies. I'm French, so I do think that French food is the best, horse meat, snails, frogs and stinky cheese included, but I don't know anything about red wine; I prefer white wine, cider, mead, kriek lambic and soda water. Chocolate is good but, except in South America, it's hard to find liquor made of Cocoa. My real first name is Michaël, which is not pronounced Michel, thanks to the metal umlaut trema on top of the e.

I am a married teacher living in France. I have a lovely daughter and not so much time to to write my first novel before my 39th birthday.

I lived in Pakistan for three years, were I taught French, learn a little about Islam and Pakistani politics and watch some interesting films. As a friend from Sweden told me one day: Pakistan is the Wild West of the Indian subcontinent.

Oh, and I think that the Senkaku islands are used by the Chinese to avoid talking about the real problems by blaming the Japanese, which is ridiculous. I also hate all this anti-japanese propaganda that's on TV everyday. Japan is a great country and the war is over for the anointed's sake!